Community News 2020 08 16

Community News 2020 08 16

Pension Credit Cost of Living Payments
If you're a pensioner, or have any family or friends who are, here's some info about the Pension Credit Cost of Living Payment from the government.

The Cost of Living Payment is an extra payment to help you with the cost of living if you're entitled to certain benefits or tax credits.

If you get Pension Credit already you'll automatically be paid the Cost of Living Payments. In total, you could be entitled to an extra £650, paid in two instalments.

If you don't currently claim Pension Credit it can be backdated so you qualify for the extra £650. But you need to apply no later than Thursday, 18 August.

To be eligible for the first pension credit-related Cost of Living Payment, you must have been entitled to a payment of Pension Credit on any day from 26 April to 25 May 2022. New claims for Pension Credit can be backdated for a maximum of three months.

To guarantee that 25 May will be included in the first Pension Credit payment for pensioners wishing to backdate a new claim, the Department for Work and Pensions is advising that claims should be made as soon as possible and no later than 18 August.

We'd like to make sure everyone who's eligible for Pension Credit claims it as soon as possible so they don't miss out on the Cost of Living Payment. Pensioners, or friends or relatives on their behalf, can use this calculator to check if they qualify.

Please visit the Derbyshire County Council website for more information.

Net Zero Heroes - send us your nominations

Do you know a NetZero Hero? Perhaps someone in your local neighbourhood, club or in your circle of friends? They are the everyday people in Derbyshire who are going #onestepgreener to cut carbon emissions and help tackle climate change.

People like Mark Day, who has strived to maintain high levels of sustainably and ethical practices within his refill/wholefoods shop Day Zero in Buxton.

Read the inspiring stories of the 10 Net Zero Heroes we've championed already and please send us your nominations as we know there are lots more of them out there! We want to say a big thank you. Please visit the Derbyshire County Council website for more information.

Teaming up to work on mental health
We've got together with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service to raise awareness around mental health and wellbeing.

We're working to spread help and advice around support for mental health, suicide prevention and emotional wellbeing.

This includes producing 8,000 Derbyshire Mental Health and Wellbeing Support guides to be handed out at community events and during home safety visits, so look out for them, or ask if you can have one.

The handy leaflets contain a wide range of information including where to access support in a crisis, information about the five ways to wellbeing, as well as important information about fire safety.

You can get information about mental health support our website or call the Derbyshire Mental Health helpline on 0800 028 0077. It's open 24 hours a day.

To find out more please visit the Derbyshire County Council website.

Information about monkeypox

Monkeypox is a rare viral infection that can be spread through close physical contact such as kissing, skin-to-skin touch, having sex or sharing bedding or towels.

These are the signs and symptoms to be aware of:

*recent unexpected spots, ulcers or blisters anywhere on your body

*muscle aches
*chills and exhaustion
*swollen glands.
If you have any of these symptoms you should avoid close contact with others until you've received medical advice.

If you have concerns call your nearest sexual health service or call NHS 111. You shouldn't visit the GP or any walk-in treatment clinics.

To find out more please visit the NHS website.

Stepping up to the Challenge

The Director of Public Health's Annual Report is now out and this year the report looks at our response to Covid 19.

The report details just some of the projects and work that has taken place across Derbyshire during the global pandemic

You can read the full report online here

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