We are pleased to announce that we have entered Balmoral Road Cemetery into the 2021 ICCM Cemetery of the year Award. More updates to come

The two church graveyards are the responsibility of the Church of England. Contact details for All Saints Church, Ockbrook and St. Stephens, Borrowash

The Parish Council's Cemetery is located at Balmoral Road, Borrowash.

The scale of Buriel and memorial fees (effective 1 April 2014) may be viewed from the document below.

Please contact the Parish Clerk for any additional information.

Cemetery Opening Times:

May to September: 08:30 to 7:00pm

October to April: 08:30 to 4:00pm.

For guidance regarding when someone has died please contact Derbyshire County Council.

Churches and Graveyards

Balmoral Cemetary, Borrowash

Belmont Drive Cemetery, Borrowash

The Old Cemetery, Belmont Drive, Borrowash.

There are proposals to reburish the old Belmont Drive Cemetery, Borrowash.

The Parish Council wishes to remind residents that it has a complete record of Burials in the cemetery until its formal closure in the late 1940's.

These records can be viewed by appointment. Please contact the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council also holds full burial records for the cemetery on Balmoral Road, Borrowash but not for either All Saints, Ockbrook or St. Stephens, Borrowash. Residents requiring burial information regarding the churches will need to contact the churches themselves.

The Parish Council does not provide a cemetery. For guidance regarding when someone has died please contact Derbyshire Dales District Council.


Ockbrook and Borrowash Parish Council are now BRAMM registered and all our memorials are required to be erected to British Standard 8415.

Any Memorial fixers working under the BRAMM Scheme must have a current fixer license.

National Cemetery Map

Parish Online (www.parish-online.co.uk), supported by the ICCM, has launched a National Cemetery Map which, as it matures, will provide an increasingly accurate nation-wide view of the provision of cemetery, crematorium and burial ground services. The Cemetery Map will be freely available to all and can be found here.

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