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Serving the people of Ockbrook & Borrowash

Clerk RFO: Sarah Kitchener
The Parish Hall, Church
Street, Ockbrook, Derbyshire
DE72 3SL

Tel: 01332 664100

  • Flower planters in Borrowash

    Borrowash Planter

    Flower planters in Borrowash

  • Flower planters in Borrowash

    Flower planters in Borrowash

    Flower planters in Borrowash

  • Balmoral Cemetery taken May 2020  looking at the flower display.

    Balmoral Cemetery 2020 05

    Balmoral Cemetery looking at the flower display.

  • Borrowash , Taken December 2017 looking from the old canal , over the train track towards Ambaston

    Borrowash , Taken December 2017 looking from the old canal , over the train track towards Ambaston

    Photographed by James Baggulay

Ockbrook & Borrowash Parish Council provides your local services. We strive to make Ockbrook & Borrowash a better place to live, work and visit. Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find the information you require then please contact us.

Parish Council meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month. There are no meetings in August or January.

The Parish office is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am - 12:00pm.

Christmas Trees 2020

Christmas trees £16.00

Brackets £25.00

Tree and installation £8.00 + tree = £24.00

Bracket and tree installation £10.00 + tree and bracket = £51.00.

All Christmas trees must be pre-ordered and paid for before delivery. The yard WILL NOT BE OPEN for collection this year. Last orders to be in by the 17th November

Tree deliveries - 23rd, 24th and 25th November

Tree/bracket installations (tree to be decorated by resident) - 26th, 27th and 30th November

Tree removal - w/c 11th January

The Ashbrook Centre will also be open for you to drop your old Christmas trees off.

Payments to be made by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.

Please contact the Clerk on


07860 702904

Deans Drive Play Ground Gym equipment is now CLOSED.

Deans Drive Gym Equipment with a temporarily closed sign attached

Please note our gym equipment at Deans Drive play park is now CLOSED due to the new lockdown. They will reopen on the 3rd December 2020. Thank you for your understanding.

Allotments are now full, but you can be added to the waiting list by contacting the Clerk

Ockbrook and Borrowash Parish Council Allotment Enquiry

Latest News

community news 2020 11 26

Posted: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 16:04 by Sarah Kitchener

Information for local groups, societies, clubs, parish and town councils
26 November 2020

Tier 3 restrictions in Derbyshire
The national restrictions end on December 2nd and England will now move back into the previous tier system. More »

Regardless of what tier you're in shops, personal care, gyms and the wider leisure sector will re-open, but restrictions will be in place to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The Government has placed Derbyshire and Derby into Tier 3 (Very High) coronavirus alert level. This means:

* you must not meet socially indoors, or in most outdoor places, with anybody you do not live with or who is not in your support bubble
* you must not socialise in a group of more than 6 in some other outdoor public spaces, including parks, beaches or countryside accessible to the public
* hospitality settings, such as bars pubs, cafes and restaurants are closed but can operate a take-out or collection service
* accommodation such as hotels, B&Bs, campsites, and guest houses must close
* indoor entertainment and tourist venues must close
* exercise classes and organised sport can take place outdoors but avoid higher-risk contact activity, none indoors unless it is with a household or bubble, organised sport for elite athletes, under 18s and people with disabilities can continue
* you should avoid travelling to other parts of the UK, including for overnight stays, other than where necessary.
Thank you for your continued support and efforts in the fight against coronavirus. More information on the tier system and what it means can be found in the Government's Covid-19 Winter Plan.

Christmas bubbles
It's been a tough year and Christmas is nearly here with the promise of presents, food and a little festivity.

The Government has this week announced a temporary relaxation of restrictions from the 23 – 27 December where you can form a 'Christmas bubble' with friends or family.

This means:

* You can form a 'Christmas bubble' made up of people from no more than three households.
* Existing support bubbles count as one household towards the three-household limit. This means that if you are in a support bubble, you can collectively form a Christmas bubble with two other households.
* You can only be in one Christmas bubble and you cannot change your Christmas bubble
* You can only meet your Christmas bubble in private homes or in your garden, places of worship, or public outdoor spaces.
* You cannot meet someone in a private dwelling who is not part of your household or Christmas bubble.

We all welcome the opportunity to spend time with loved ones this Christmas, but it's important to remember coronavirus hasn't gone away.

Follow the Christmas guidelines, wash your hands regularly, wear a face covering where required and keep a safe distance from people not in your bubble.

More information on making a Christmas bubble can be found on the Government's website.

Derbyshire County Council Appointment of Independent Persons

The Council is seeking to appoint three Independent Persons to assist the Governance, Ethics & Standards Committee in maintaining the high ethical standards of Councillors. Attendance at Governance, Ethics & Standards Committee meetings, hearings and training events will be required at four attendances per year. An allowance of £125 per meeting will be payable and necessary travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Please contact Alisha Parker, Business Services Officer on Alisha.parker@derbyshire.gov.uk for an application pack. For further information or to arrange an informal discussion about the role, please contact Elizabeth Wild - Principal Solicitor on Elizabeth.wild@derbyshire.gov.uk

The closing date for applications is midnight on 10 December 2020. » Less

Citizens Advice 2020 11

Posted: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 14:14 by Sarah Kitchener

Citizens Advice 2020 11

Community News 2020 11 18

Posted: Fri, 20 Nov 2020 15:58 by Sarah Kitchener

Information for local groups, societies, clubs, parish and town councils
18 November 2020
Could you please share this information from Dean Wallace, Derbyshire's Director of Public Health, with your members or colleagues. Thank you More »

People across Derbyshire are being asked to make sure they've 'got it covered' in a renewed plea to encourage more adults and young people to wear a face covering.

Dean Wallace, Derbyshire's Director of Public Health, has raised concerns about the number of people choosing not to wear a mask or wearing them incorrectly.

He says covering up, along with regular hand-washing and social distancing, is one of the key things people can do to help stop the spread of coronavirus and has stepped up to debunk some of the common mask-wearing myths:

MYTH: Masks are dangerous because they limit your oxygen levels. This isn't true.
TRUTH: Most common types of protective mask, such as surgical masks and cloth masks, will not interfere with oxygen levels and are safe to use.

MYTH: It's ok to remove your mask to speak. This isn't true.
TRUTH: You must keep your mouth and nose covered to prevent tiny droplets that are released when you speak, sneeze, or talk from being inhaled by others. This is how the virus passes from person to person.

MYTH: You only need to wear a face covering if you have symptoms. This isn't true.
TRUTH: You could be carrying coronavirus even if you haven't got any symptoms and covering up means you're less likely to pass it on.

MYTH: You only need to cover your mouth not your nose. This isn't true.
TRUTH: It is really important that your face covering goes over your nose as well as your mouth to protect you from inhaling tiny airborne droplets from people who are infected – and to prevent you from passing the virus to others. The virus is carried in this way between people when they speak, sneeze, or talk.

MYTH: You don't need to wear a mask outdoors. This is not true.
TRUTH: Tiny droplets that are released when you speak, sneeze, or talk can travel in the air and be inhaled by others whether you are indoors or outdoors. So in areas where it's not possible to stay at least two metres away from others, you should wear a face covering.

Said Mr Wallace: "I understand that there are some people who can't cover up for medical reasons but the numbers are relatively few.

"So for everyone else, the message couldn't be more simple – check you have a face-covering every time you leave the house and make sure you wear it in enclosed public spaces or if you're in a busy park or street where it's difficult to keep two metres away from people you don't live with.

"And remember, there are no half measures. A mask worn under your nose or chin is just a face-warmer. So let's do it right and help prevent the spread of this virus to protect ourselves and the ones we love. Let's do it for Derbyshire."

Visit derbyshire.gov.uk/coronavirus for more information including how to protect yourself from coronavirus, how and when to get a test, when to self-isolate, how to access support and the numbers of cases in Derbyshire. » Less